Options To Consider When Buying Parts For Your Car Or Truck

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Options To Consider When Buying Parts For Your Car Or Truck

If your car or truck needs repairs and you will do the work yourself, you will need to find the right parts for the job. Knowing where to look for auto parts is an essential part of making any repair, and whether you are using new or used parts, there are things to consider when buying them.

New Parts

In many cases, purchasing new auto parts from the local auto parts store is the best option when you are making repairs to your car. The parts come ready to install, and many times that have some form of warranty that allows you to replace the parts if they fail before the warranty runs out. 

Electrical parts like starters and alternators will often have a shorter warranty than mechanical parts like pullies, tensioners, or water pumps, so be sure to check with the auto parts shop where you are getting the parts to determine the warranty period on the parts you are purchasing. 

The price of new parts can vary, depending on the manufacturer and whether the parts are OE replacements or reproductions of the original parts, but often the quality is good in both cases if you buy the parts from a reputable supplier. 

Used Parts

In some situations, you may want to consider used auto parts for your repairs. Buying the parts you need from a salvage yard can save you a significant amount of money, and if you know what to look for, you can get parts with a lot of value and life left in them. 

The parts for your vehicle may be available from other models made by the same manufacturer, so be sure to check the interchange guides online or at the salvage yard. Often parts are overlooked because people assume they must come from the same car, but this is not always true. 

The condition of the parts is crucial, so look them over carefully to ensure they are going to work once you install them on the vehicle. Electrical parts should not have any burns on them or smell like burnt electrical components, so look close near the contacts and don't be afraid to smell the parts where the air vents are. 

Any part that is extremely dirty or greasy should be cleaned and inspected before you purchase it or avoided because it shows a lack of maintenance on the part. If you are going to take a chance on a part in this condition, ask the salvage operator about a replacement warranty so that if the part does fail, you can replace it without having to spend the money a second time. 

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