Trucking Upgrades: How To Choose The Right Improvements For Winter Driving

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Trucking Upgrades: How To Choose The Right Improvements For Winter Driving

Winter is quickly approaching, and that means an onslaught of snow, freezing rain, and ice. Being prepared to drive a truck in winter weather is a necessity. Many truck drivers wait until the weather starts getting bad, and then they start worrying more about staying on schedule than saving their trucks from damage. It is never too late to prepare your commercial trucks for winter driving. Maintenance and upgrades will protect your semi-trucks — preventing premature wear and tear during the cold winter months.

Battery Upgrades for Cold-Weather Starting

Your battery is crucial for winter driving, and there are a lot of things to consider for these upgrades. First, it is important to get the right battery for your truck, which needs to be reliable and be able to provide power for winter driving. You might also want to upgrade the battery housing to protect it from cold weather and prevent trouble getting the engine started during the winter months.

Engine Blankets and Mechanical System Heaters

The engine is another area where you might have to deal with problems during the winter months. First, consider adding a winter engine blanket to prevent fuel and oil from freezing when it gets too cold. You might also want to add heaters and a cover for the radiator to help improve the engine performance of your semi-truck when you are driving in low temperatures.

All-Weather Tires and Suspension Improvements

It is also crucial to have good tires for winter driving conditions. The only problem is that you might drive through various weather and road conditions. Thus, you want to have tires that perform well in any type of weather condition. All-weather tires that have a tread that is not too soft or hard will be the best solution. There might also be some suspension upgrades and repairs that you want to do before the winter weather.

Transmission, Axle, And Brake Upgrades for Winter Driving

There are components of your drivetrain that also need maintenance and upgrades before the change of seasons. This should start with the transmission, which might need to have new fluids for better performance in cold temperatures. You might also need to have the rear axle differential greased and replace the seal to ensure it can withstand the winter road conditions. Lastly, the brakes need to be checked, and worn parts need to be replaced.

The winter months might seem to be a long way off, but it will pay to start getting your truck ready now. Contact a truck service center like A & B Truck Recycling to schedule an appointment to have these things done to your truck before the weather changes.

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