Are Used Auto Parts A Good Option For Your Vehicle?

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Are Used Auto Parts A Good Option For Your Vehicle?

Buying used auto parts for your car or truck can save some money, but some risks come with it. Knowing what to look for and how to ensure you get working parts is an essential aspect of buying used auto parts from any used car part distributor.

Parts Testing

When you are considering buying used auto parts, you should work with a supplier or distributor that tests the parts before selling them. Many times parts are removed from a car and assumed to work, but because used parts come from salvaged vehicles and trucks, it can be difficult to know that they are good unless tested after they are removed. 

Larger used auto parts distributors will test alternators, starters, batteries, and other parts to ensure they are working correctly. Parts that cannot be bench-tested are inspected for any obvious problems and sold with a replacement warranty. If the part fails in a specified time frame, often thirty to ninety days, the distributor will replace it for you free of charge. 

Replacement is often the best warranty you will get on used auto parts, but the parts' price can be low enough that you are willing to take a chance, and most distributors work hard to ensure the parts that they sell are in good working order.

Interchange Information

Many large used auto parts distributors have access to interchange information for auto parts that can be extremely helpful when searching for a part. This information can make it easier for you to find a component because it allows the users to cross-reference parts made by the same manufacturer that are interchangeable. 

The same alternator that is on your car, for instance, may also have been used on several other cars made by the same company. If the parts are interchangeable between the vehicles, it opens up more possibilities and can be a valuable tool when working with used auto parts. 

If you are searching for a part but can't find it, you can request that the parts distributor run an interchange search for you. Often they will be able to turn up some options that may solve the problem for you and help you get the part you need. 

Pull-A-Part Yards

Some used auto parts distributors have even lower prices because they do not remove the parts from the car for you. These pull-a-part yards will leave all the pieces on the cars, and you remove the part yourself and then pay for it. The cost is often lower than other sources, but you take a more significant risk with these untested parts.

Contact a used auto parts distributor for more information. 

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