Preparing For Mobile Auto Glass Repair: What You Need To Know

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Preparing For Mobile Auto Glass Repair: What You Need To Know

If you have a minor chip or crack in your auto glass, you may be able to have it repaired by an experienced auto glass company. Compared to replacing the entire pane of glass, repairing chips and cracks is quicker, easier, and cheaper. And when the repair is done correctly, you likely won't even be able to tell that your auto glass was ever damaged to begin with.

Many auto glass repair shops even offer mobile servicing, so they can come to your home or place of work to complete the repair while you go about your life. If you've scheduled a mobile repair, there are a few things you'll want to do to prepare for your appointment.

Park Under Shelter, If Possible

Auto glass repair cannot be performed in inclement weather, including rain and snow, unless the car is covered from the elements. If you have a mobile auto glass appointment scheduled, try to park under shelter whenever possible so that your glass technicians can perform the repair rain or shine. Otherwise, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Parking under shelter will also provide shade, which will be appreciated by your technicians and protect the repair resin from extreme heat or UV exposure when being applied.

Keep Your Phone Nearby

When you schedule a mobile glass repair appointment, you'll typically receive a timeframe of a few hours during which your repair technicians may arrive. In many cases, however, your repair crew will give you a call when they're on their way to your location. Be sure to keep your phone near you at all times on the day of your appointment so you'll be prepared to meet your repair technicians. After all, they will not be able to perform the job without getting the keys to your car.

Have Your Insurance Information Ready

Many auto glass repairs are covered by auto insurance, especially if you have comprehensive coverage. If you want to have your auto glass repair technicians bill your insurance company directly, be sure to have your policy information available at the time of your appointment. Specifically, you'll need your policy number and the contact information for your insurance agent to get the ball rolling on your claim. Be prepared to pay any deductible out of your own pocket at the time of the repair as well.

Mobile auto glass repair can be very convenient, but taking these steps to prepare will ensure that your service goes as smoothly as possible!

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