Finding Parts For Your Antique Tractor Restoration

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Finding Parts For Your Antique Tractor Restoration

Taking on a project like antique tractor restoration is fun but a lot of work at the same time. Finding all the parts you need to restore the tractor to its former glory properly can be difficult because they may not have been made in many years. Finding the right parts is essential, even if you have to find remanufactured parts or parts that someone restored already.

Getting the Right Part 

An antique tractor will use many different parts that are not made anymore. The components may be unique to that one model, or they may be parts that were used on several different tractors of the same time period. Getting the right part is crucial if you are trying to restore the tractor to its original condition, but if you just want it to run again, you may be able to use a part that fits and does the job but was not original to the tractor. 

Buying New Parts

It is hard to find a supplier that sells replacement parts for an antique tractor because the parts are becoming so hard to find. If you do find a supplier for new engine parts, let them know what you need, and they can tell you if it is still available.

Some suppliers are selling reproduction parts that look and work the same way as the original part, and if you are restoring the tractor for yourself, you may be fine using reproduction parts. 

In some cases, you may be able to find a supplier that still has some new old stock on the shelf, but even that is getting harder for anything antique. New old stock is simply a part that was produced for the tractor by the manufacturer and sent to a dealer or parts store and never left the shelf after that. It is a new part that is in the original packaging that is as old as the tractor but is still in brand new condition.

If you find some new old stock, it will be expensive, and there may be only one part, so there is a chance someone else will buy it if you do not get to it first. There is a lot of competition for new old stock in almost ever restoration industry that is dealing with antique vehicles.

Custom Made Engine Parts

If you cannot find new engine parts for your tractor, you may want to have a machine shop make the part you need. While it will not be as old as the tractor, if it is made right, it will be as close to original as you can get. 

There are machine shops that specialize in recreating old parts, and a search online or in some trade publications might uncover them for you.

For more information, reach out to companies that offer products such as antique Ford tractor engine parts.

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